Peeled Coconut - A New Beverage Concept for Mehendi & Haldi

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 09 December 2022

Mehendi & Haldi ceremonies are some of the most important traditions in an Indian Wedding – Be it a Destination or a Traditional One. Mr. Coconut’s elegantly crafted peeled coconuts are perfect for these ceremonies as they can refresh and detox your guests! Indian weddings are filled with a wide range of amazing traditions like Roka, Engagement, Tilak and many more. However, the most-awaited pre-wedding ceremonies are Mehendi & Haldi. Why so?

Peeled Coconut for Wedding

These ceremonies are usually vibrant, ready you up for the big day and are usually filled with friends & family. Did you know? India is credited for bringing the tradition of Mehendi to Bridal ceremonies. On the other hand, turmeric has been used in Indian traditions for the last 4000 years! So, as you can see, the Indian wedding traditions of Haldi and Mehendi have been around for a very long time. They are backed by science and offer amazing benefits to the bride and groom. But, what if you can make your wedding ceremonies more unique, personalized and refreshing? This is where intricately designed peeled coconuts come into the picture. Let’s quickly dive into the world of personalized coconuts for wedding ceremonies like Haldi & Mehendi!

#PeeledCoconut Makes Your Haldi & Mehendi Unique!

Every bride and groom wants to ensure that their wedding traditions are unique, interesting and refreshing. They want the wedding guests to feel special and honored when they take part in the wedding celebrations. Mr. Coconut understands how important these marriage traditions are for the couple. That is why they have come up with a unique & refreshing product – Peeled Coconut!

Customized Shaved Coconuts are Perfect for Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding events are usually full of traditions and people. And in such bustling ceremonies, it becomes difficult to offer something that is personalized and unique. But, this is where Mr. Coconut’s embossed Stamp coconuts stand out from the rest of the crowd. On these elegantly designed coconuts, you can:

  • Emboss personalized pictures of the bride, groom or the couple
  • Emboss personalized logos of the Haldi or Mehendi event
  • Emboss personalized hashtags of a couple or the ceremony

This not only gives a personalized experience to your guests but makes the entire wedding ceremony unique and elegant. Planning a Destination Wedding in Udaipur, an Intimate Wedding in Chandigarh or a Traditional Wedding in Agra? Then Mr. Coconut’s carved coconuts are what you need!

Personalized Peeled Coconuts are Full of Tender Coconut Water

Elegantly designed stamp coconuts boast fresh and nutrient-rich coconut water. This natural beverage not only refreshes but also provides a quick detox session to your wedding guests. Some amazing properties of tender coconut water are as follows:

  • Coconut water’s low-calorie count makes it a perfect beverage for weddings and marriage ceremonies
  • A good quantity of potassium provides a quick detox to your body
  • Full of antioxidants that can speed up your detox during weddings and ceremonies
  • Refreshes the skin and prevents constipation
  • Prevents kidney stone formation
  • Boasts of healthy protein content like amino acids & cytokinins
  • Promotes good heart health due to low cholesterol and lipoprotein

Make Wedding Ceremonies Interesting with Monogram Coconut

Mr. Coconut’s team is always on the lookout for new design elements to match the latest wedding needs. That’s how the team landed on Monogram designs that give a unique and royal look for ceremonies like Mehendi & Haldi. So, if you or your wedding planner are looking for interesting products for your wedding then look no further! Monogram Coconut is the perfect product that can offer a personal touch to your wedding.

Delight Your Guests with Cocobar – Elegantly Crafted Coconut Water Stall

Want to serve delicious and tender coconut water to your guests? Don’t have an elegantly looking bar or beverage stall? Fret not! Mr. Coconut has a team of experts that design highly-personalized coconut water stalls for Mehendi & Haldi Ceremony. These cocobars can be easily customized according to the theme of the wedding or any other design requirements that you have. Give your guests a quick detox at these beautifully crafted Cocobars!

Designer Peeled Coconuts are Perfect for Wedding Planners

Wedding planners who want to incorporate new products and design elements can easily add personalized coconuts to their offerings. They can easily incorporate these products into themed weddings, wedding ceremonies, couple photoshoots, pool-side parties and other events! Look no further! Connect with Mr. Coconut, a leading company for customized coconuts to make your Mehendi & Haldi ceremony refreshing, healthy and unique!

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