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Mr. COCONUT is India’s fast-growing industry for engraving Customized Coconuts and Personalized Coconut. Our Company serves A+ Grade quality coconut water with your requested design on the shell of the coconut that can be served in various events like destination weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, ring ceremonies and various other events. 

Our beautifully crafted Monogram Coconut is best for gifting an attractive and unique item to your loved ones with healthy wishes. The company uses its in-house technology platform to manage a network of partner stores that enable the company to run a fast and lean supply chain – from manufacturers straight to customers in  Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow and popular metro cities. Our company utilizes its efficient supply chain to deliver different products to customers every month.

The Visionary Behind Mr. Coconut

Meet Mr. Shivam Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder of Mr. Coconut!

Shivam Agarwal established Mr. Coconut in 2019 and since then he has attended multiple national & international conferences and implemented the learnings to make Mr. Coconut the leading brand for personalized coconuts across India.

Three years into the industry, Shivam who came up with this visionary idea is transforming Mr. Coconut into a pan-India company serving wedding clients across major cities of India.

“What makes Mr. Coconut unique is the beautifully peeled coconuts that we provide to our clients. We carve the outer shell of the coconuts according to our client’s specifications – if they want a name, logo, hashtag or any other design, we carve it onto the coconut and ship it to them wherever they want in India.”

In addition to that, Mr. Coconut also offers to set up Cocobar - a beautifully decorated coconut counter for events where guests can detox themselves with a fresh round of tender coconut water. What’s more, is that we are offering our flagship products as unique wedding favor ideas for guests.

“Why limit our Stamp coconuts to just beverages when you can gift them as souvenirs at your wedding?” says Shivam and goes on to say that many clients are already requesting demos of the product.

Currently, we are serving clients in major cities like Goa, Agra, Mussoorie, Udaipur, Kolkata, Chandigarh and many more. We also work with leading wedding planners to offer unique experiences in destination weddings and traditional marriages.

Attributing his success to customer delight, Shivam believes in providing quality products! “When we offer top-quality products to our clients, they will understand that we value them. That helps us delight our customers while creating lasting relationships!”

Why Coconut Water?

Coconut water, with its rustic taste and refreshing vibes, is a popular beverage for most people when they feel thirsty and dehydrated. Have you ever experienced a more refreshing natural drink than the delicious and tender coconut water? The rejuvenating taste coupled with healthy properties like fewer calories and good potassium content makes it an ideal detox drink for larger-than-life events like marriages & more!

A nut full of coconut water, with its rustic flavor can not only delight your taste buds but rejuvenate you from the scorching heat & dehydration that many face during summer or during crowded events like weddings. Mr. Coconut, a leading brand for intricately designed Shaved coconuts in India offers the refreshing beverage in not your plain tender coconuts but expertly carved coconuts. This makes the entire coconut water drinking experience delightful and memorable!

Mr Coconuts / Our Consept

Our team of experts give a personal touch to the coconut by carving it with pictures of the couple, logos of the ceremony & hashtags. With this, you get one more reason to make your dream wedding unique and delightful. Impress your guests with this personal touch!

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