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About NCR City

About NCR

When it comes to your next holiday destination, Delhi-NCR should be on your list because of its subtle blend of centuries-old Mughal legacy and urban development. Whether you're traveling alone or with family and friends, India's capital, along with its National Capital Region (NCR), has a lot to offer with its magnificent architecture and flea markets, tantalizing food, and vibrant nightlife. Additionally, adventure junkies will find plenty of opportunities here.

Destination wedding in NCR

It is a joy and a blessing to have a wedding in the family, and Delhi-NCR is one of the best destination wedding places in the world. Being the national capital, Delhi is the centre of every celebration and festivity in the country, so it is the perfect place for your wedding. A Delhi-NCR wedding is one of the best places to host your dream wedding due to the sheer number of shopping and organizing options available. In Delhi-NCR, you can find some of the most classy and luxurious places in India to organize your dream wedding.

Several factors have contributed to Delhi-NCR becoming the most popular wedding destination for Indians. In addition, there are numerous outstanding destination wedding venues offering world-class facilities where guests can stay, celebrate, and entertain guests; visitors can discover a wide range of fascinating historic and architectural sites; find the best deals on wedding shopping; and explore an unparalleled wealth and diversity of food, clothing, and culture.

Dream Destination wedding places in NCR

The wedding celebration in India isn't just about the couple getting married, but about the whole family coming together to celebrate. There are so many memorable moments in marriage. These include the fun and frolic sangeet to the special Mehndi for the men, to the touching Haldi and choora ceremony to the grand destination wedding. The best wedding venues are the ones that can provide your guests with a delightful experience while keeping your worries to a minimum.

Here are some of the best wedding venues in Delhi NCR for you to choose from:

• The Leela Ambience - Gurgaon
• Best Western Country Resort - Manesar
• Crowne Plaza - Mayur Vihar
• Hyatt Place - Udyog Vihar
• Tivoli Royal Court - Okhla
• Orchid Valley - Faridabad
• Noor Mahal - Karnal
• Four Points by Sheraton

Complete your dreamy destination wedding with Mr. Coconut

Want to live the dream of making your wedding in luxury style and at the same time memorable? Organizing a destination wedding at Indore is a great event and to make it special people go with the theme wedding too for that, they appoint a top-notch wedding planner so that they can manage all the things wisely and beautifully. Wedding planners help you to give the desired look and feel to your wedding whether in terms of décor, theme, choice of colors, catering, or distinguish functions. For the spectacular view, the wedding planner adapts new themes and trends so that they can make the wedding an amazing event for them. Mr. Coconut is also a new and trendy concept that people will love in a healthy and beautiful manner. Because the concept of Mr. coconut with a personalized touch helps the wedding planner make the wedding unique and memorable.

Mr. coconut has provided thousands of fresh and tender coconut waters with a personalized touch at a wedding ceremony whether it was sangeet, Mehndi, Barat, or as a wedding favor. Along with the tasty bites and sweet sips, Mr. Coconut can make your wedding extra special with their stamp coconuts by making them an eye-catching centerpiece or bar decoration.

They also introduce the Cocobar concepts for weddings where they serve different type of mocktails drinks to the guest which is so fresh and healthy. They introduce their Cocobar services where you can also get fresh and customized coconut water along with mocktails to detox your body and keep you energetic all time. And the best part is that the stamp coconut water can be customized according to your wedding needs. You can choose any design you like on your big days, such as engraved or printed logos, names, or simply a photograph of the bride and groom. In any case, this will undoubtedly be the focal point of your wedding.

Mr. coconut serves only the best quality tender coconut water which is freshly open in front of your eyes. They believe in serving healthy and natural products without preservatives or chemicals. This will give your guests a lasting impression that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

About Weddings

A destination wedding is similar to a traditional wedding. However, instead of having the wedding rituals in the groom’s or bride’s place, a unique & beautiful venue (in another state or country) is chosen where all the wedding traditions are conducted in a grand and intimate setting.
Celebrities and Influencers have had fairytale weddings and receptions across various locations in India in the past few years. Out of them, Goa ranks at the top of the list. Why so?

About Hotels
Calista Resort New Delhi

Calista Resort New Delhi

Noormahal Palace Karnal

Noormahal Palace Karnal

Westin Sohna Delhi

Westin Sohna Delhi

Located on the pristine coast of South Goa, Radisson Blue is a stunning location featuring gorgeous Portuguese architecture and cozy indoor & breezy outdoor venues that are perfect for a larger-than-life wedding!

Mr Coconuts / Our Consept

Our team of experts give a personal touch to the coconut by carving it with pictures of the couple, logos of the ceremony & hashtags. With this, you get one more reason to make your dream wedding unique and delightful. Impress your guests with this personal touch!

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