New trends unlock - The tradition of Stamp coconut is back now

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 08 May 2024

Many wedding trends come and go but innovation and uniqueness always hold the front seat - the stamp coconut is one of them. In recent times, the craze for customized coconut is on another level. These are not simply ordinary coconuts, they are engraved with designs, poetries, and pictures, curated for various occasions including your weddings or your loved ones' special day these delightful twists are above everything that one could cherish for ages. Let's dive into the unique features and learn about them a bit more to love them a bit more

What is a stamp coconut?


Let's start with discovering what exactly a stamp coconut is. Just imagine a girl with a beautiful outfit in such a gorgeous looking aura of her and this what a stamp coconut for you. So stamp coconut is beautifully carved and embellished with colors and pictures with its best makeover. On the husky outward you could find the enactment of pictures, poetries, or surprise messages. Coconuts will say thank you to us for transforming them from a husky material to a dope. 


Why stamp coconuts are the stars in summer weddings in india. 


Till yet we have discovered the beauty of the stamp coconut, let us understand what makes them a star of the wedding. Just follow the blog and find your answer.

Sustainability at its top


In the era where people are moving to more greener and eco-friendly marriages, the stamp coconuts are their all-time savior and fit in the checklist. These are fully biodegradable, eco-friendly, and beautifully crafted in nature that complement the style and decor. 

The charm of modernity with traditional fusion


From the ages, coconuts have been a sign of prosperity and good fortune, mainly in the Indian tradition where coconuts are used on the most auspicious occasion of the wedding to start the ritual. This stamped coconut put back this tradition by infusing it with designs to keep the old trajectory on the point and feel grounded with ethos. 

Personalization is on the front door


There is no better way than engraving your love story on the Shagun ka coconut or nariyal and letting your guest or loved one in amazed. You could carve your pictures with your initials or heart with the song and wedding date on it and could be the new wedding invitation to make it close to your heart. 


From decor to wedding invitation


These coconuts from Mr. Coconut are the multi-role players and you will gonna know by knowing this fact that these stamp coconuts can be beautifully used a  wedding invites that leave a never-lasting first impression on the guest. Although they could be used in the wedding decor to ceremonial rituals that fit in all the styles and statements to put the Shagun ka element on the point. 

A refreshment drink for all the guest


From putting them in decor to invitations, we cannot forget the real benefits of the coconuts. As we all know coconuts are a very good source of water that keeps you refreshed and hydrated. These could be used in the drinks corner and the stamp corner won't look outdated there as they would add a sense of refreshment to the complementary drinks or starters 


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Engrave your stamped coconut with Mr coconut

If you are also looking to create your stamp coconut then, there is nothing better than contacting our one and only Mr Coconut. Mr. Coconut is widely known for his unique and refreshing range of coconut water that keeps your soul fresh and aura clean. Let's keep some things in mind before customizing your stamp coconut. 

Understand or specify your purpose

 Firstly you should know your purpose for stamping the coconut It could be for a wedding, for decor, a birthday gift, the other hamper, or goodies, 

Specify your element

The second most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should know what elements you need on your coconut stamping, which could be the silhouettes, the embellishment, or colors with the message if you need them.


Select the skilled vendor


Choosing the right vendor is one of the crucial things that you should do first if you are still confused about where to get your first stamp coconut done then go nowhere and contact MR coconut and tell them your customization and get your product done. 

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