Summer wedding ideas in Rajasthan

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 04 May 2024

Hello, Beauty Bellas and our charming guys, Mr coconut is here with the new and most crispy topic of the year 2024 which is summer wedding ideas in Rajasthan. In recent years Rajasthan became the most loved host and your dost for oh-so grand wedding. From Sid-kiara's wedding to our videshi Jiju Nick and Priyanka Chopra's wedding was the one who stole the limelights. Rajasthan is known for its rich heritage and the luxe culture that gives your wedding a royal touch to make it on the mind of the guests and cherish for the rest of the light. Although. It is not that easy to plan a wedding in Rajasthan cause of its sunny weather and variety of places, but do not worry. We got you back, we have just selected 5 most-loved places in Rajasthan for the wedding destination with all the tips and tricks to step into it.

Let's explore the best outdoor wedding destinations in Rajasthan

Without wasting a minute of our readers, we just hop into the selection of the luxe places of Rajasthan to explore its beauty.

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

The Suryagrah Palace of the Jaisalmer has ranked on our list of wedding destinations for Rajasthan. This beautiful fort is situated in the Thar desert and surrounded by the exuberant lush green garden the sitting area is the perfect place for the guest to enjoy your wedding with all the comfort. It has a total accommodation of 1000- 1300 guests with a yoga garden, sunset patio, lakeside view, Khuzamsha Hall, and celebration hall.

Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur

Umaid bhava, the stunning, the oozing, and the favorite of all. This palace is situated at the heart of the Jodhpur, which is roughly spread over the 26-acre area and beautified with the greenery all along to set the palace on fire and give an astounding feel. The Average cost for this palace is approximately 2.5 lakh to 4.5 lakh with a capacity of 400-600 guest accommodations and a beautiful lawn along the banquet hall. This palace is perfect if you want a great royal Indian wedding but make it a little private, then this place is made for you.

Alila Fort Bishangarh

If you are looking for a hidden place for your big day, then you should stop your search at AIlia Fort beautifully situated in the Bishangarh and the most underrated one. The hilly surrounding of the banquet makes you fall in love with the place and could be your loveliest host to the day when you two take the vows of love and your happily ever after. The best part of the place is you could take your love to the places nearby Jodhpur and create beautiful memories before the wedding day.

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

We have so many more on the list, but if you got tired then you can have our coconut water and feel some refreshment. The Taj Lake Palace of Udaipur is the 4ht loved destination of Rajasthan wedding destination that was known for its staycation palace for the royal families in the early years. This is one of the most royal and premium properties that host, most of the royal weddings, and with the demand of time it is now transformed into a heritage hotel. The palace has a capacity of 300-500 guests and best best fit if you want to give your guests the royal and premium feel.

Hotel Rajasthan Palace, Jaipur

When it comes to royal weddings, how we can forget Jaipur? The Hotel Rajasthan Palace has saved its name in the list where your 300 guests can stay and enjoy your wedding functions with the lavish facilities and soothing experience. It is just 9 km away from the airport and the best part is the heritage places of Jaipur from Amer to the city palace can save your guest spare time when they get bored or want to explore the places.

Hotel Ramada Neemrana, Alwar

Hotel Ramada Neemrana is ideal for a wedding or pre-wedding party. You can invite between 50 and 450. The place feels really cozy and stylish. The staff and everything there makes you feel special and well taken care of.

Vesta Avtar Resort, Ajmer

It is really important for couples to choose the right venue for their wedding. It helps them make their day the way they want it and creates sweet memories. Vesta Avatar Resort in Ajmer is a great place for couples to start their romantic journey together

The Umed Bagh, Kota

Umedbagh is a great wedding venue in Kota. It is located in Dhakerkheri, surrounded by abundant greenery. Perfect for smaller weddings. There is a beautiful green lawn in the garden. They have everything you need to make your wedding day special and enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

Vesta Bikaner Palace, Bikaner

The Vesta Bikaner Palace is a special lodge in Bikaner. It's unique due to its present day design in an antique-fashion building. It's the first of its type in Rajasthan. The resort seems like a grand palace with big open areas and plenty of pillars, giving it a conventional feel.

Wild Rose Resort, Pushkar

Come have your special day or throw exquisite events at our pretty location. We have a certainly massive lawn wherein 4000 humans can come, so it's extraordinary for weddings, events, and paintings occasions. We'll take correct care of you, the place is lovely, and you will make recollections that final forever. Just get in contact with us to plot your dream event!

Best places for summer wedding in Rajasthan

Looking for the perfect spot for a summer wedding in Rajasthan? Look no further! Below, we've rounded up the best places that will make your special day truly unforgettable

Summer wedding ideas in Jaipur

Experience luxury and heritage charm in Jaipur. Jaipur is the land of Rajputana kings. Jaipur offers many heritage hotels and resorts for summer weddings that you can save as your lifetime memories. Also, in Jaipur, you have many dayouting options to visit, like Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jantar Mantar etc.

Summer wedding ideas in Jaisalmer

 Imagine getting married inside the barren region! Jaisalmer is complete of golden sand and heritage forts and tample, making it a unique and magical region for a summer wedding ceremony.Transport your visitors to a fairy tale setting amidst the golden sands of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer offers a unique backdrop for a summer time wedding ceremony, entire with camel rides and starlit nights.

Summer wedding ideas in Pushkar

Pushkar is a peaceful town with lakes and temples. It's ideal for a spiritual summer wedding, with masses of conventional Indian rituals. Pushkar have lot's of unique places like brahma temple  it's a only temple of brahma in the words so create your summer wedding memorable with spirituality in Pushkar

Summer wedding ideas in Udaipur

Udaipur is known for it's lakes and heritage palaces. It's a perfect place for a summer wedding, with lovely scenery everywhere. It's a completely unique blend of nature and heritage places like Lake Pichola, Saheliyon Ki Bari, Fateh Sagar Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, Bagore Ki Haveli Museum, and many others. Make your summer wedding memorable with nature and heritage.

Summer wedding ideas in Bikaner

Bikaner is known for its grand palaces and forts. If you're an ancient vicinity lover, then Bikaner is the perfect destination for your summer wedding. It'll give your wedding a touch of luxury and royalty. There are many outdoor wedding options in Bikaner for your summer wedding that give your wedding a rich and royal touch.

Summer wedding ideas in Kota

kota is known for it's fort and places it's located at the bank of Chambal River. and it's a best destination for summer wedding,  kota if complete filed with nature and greenry everywhery in case you are nature lover then kota is perfect location for a summer destination wedding

Summer wedding ideas in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the second-largest city in Rajasthan. Jodhpur is also called the "Blue City". Jodhpur is popular for the Blue City and Thar Desert, as well as for historical forts and tamples. It's also a full-fledged royal city that owns the best wedding venues, palaces, havelis, Rajasthani culture, and heritage, so Jodhpur is a perfect destination for a summer wedding.

Summer wedding ideas in Ajmer

Ajmer is a spiritual city with important religious sites in the north-eastern state of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli hills and mountains, it attracts people for destination weddings. Ajmer is a first choice for a summer wedding. The hotels and resorts offer a wide range of places for a summer destination wedding in Ajmer.

Summer wedding ideas in Alwar

Dreaming of a summer wedding in Alwar?. Alwar emerges as a town of royalty, culture, and joyful celebration, presenting an array of charming venues for your dream wedding. Alwar is like a fairy tale with its vintage buildings and nature all around. All these things make it a perfect destination for a summer wedding.

Some tips to move into Rajasthan for the wedding beats

In the last but not least segment of the blog, we are sharing some tips to explore the Rajasthan wedding destination.

Keep yourself hydrated

Rajasthan is always the hottest place so we recommend you stay hydrated with our coconut water and keep your search going.

Map out your guest list

Mapping out the guest list is the foremost thing that helps you select the palace or wedding destination as per the capacity.

Some off-season dates

Choosing an off-season date is the biggest money savior. So pick the date wisely and enjoy the wedding with some savings

Selection the wedding destinations with all your brains

While searching for a wedding destination in Rajasthan, you need to choose a place that needs low maintenance and decoration to save you a penny and limit your headache.

Destination Wedding in Rajasthan

Thinking of getting Destination Wedding in Rajasthan? Imagine saying their vows under the stars in a grand courtyard surrounded by the royal history and culture of India. With beautiful decor and delicious local food, every part of your special day will be amazing. Imagine your guests in colorful costumes dancing to folk tunes as the sun sets over the desert. A wedding in Rajasthan is more than just a party—it’s a step into a fairytale where love and tradition come together to create memories you’ll cherish forever.

Latest wedding trends in Rajasthan

Discover the latest wedding trends in Rajasthan by blending traditional and innovative ideas for unforgettable celebrations. Stunning palatial grounds decorated with colorful flowers and delicious Rajasthani dishes served on sumptuous plates. Couples incorporate special elements like traditional costume ceremony, vibrant folk dance, lavish mehndi rituals into their weddings, making it truly special Due to the sound of traditional musical instruments and sweet smell of flowers all around therefore, this new design brings lovely to life against the glorious Rajasthan backdrop

Drink and beverage ideas in Rajasthan

Here is the drink and beverage ideas in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is always known for its ultimate cuisines and beverages that we all need to keep us cool in the hot summer. The nimboo paani, masala chai, lassi, coconut water, or soft drinks are the most demanding drinks that every second guest asks for. However, instead of drinking simple water, guests prefer to have some trailblazing drink to make them feel energetic, while they enjoy the functions or come from a long journey.

Customize coconut concept in summer weddings in Rajasthan

Mr. Cocunut has brought a very new concept into the market where they're trying to make people aware of consuming coconut water and bringing back the tradition of coconut gifting. In this segment, the MR coconut has more to offer, here we are customizing coconuts with your name, or your picture on it that you can use as a return gift or welcome gift to your lovely guest. Moreover, coconut water is served in so many styles to break the old taboo and make it more contemporary.

Relaxation and Wellness in Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are always full of stress and sweat that makes you feel sick or the guests too. So in that case you could arrange a relaxation therapy or get-together session for all where you all can play some games cook some good food or spill some tea to make the aura more calming. Moreover, it is the place to do things for the family members or guests to know each other and create a bond to cherish in the future. You could also plan some yoga sessions or indoor activities to keep your body more active. The most important thing to note is, to try the Mr. Coconut products that are especially for the people who care for the quality and premium exacting.

Transportation and Logistics

Navigating Rajasthan’s streets is not so hard. Rajasthan is developed in so much time, that you can easily find, buses, trains, flights, cabs, or rickshaws. However, during the wedding season, it's quite difficult to manage transportation due to the rush. You could provide a cab facility for your guests and provide maps to get better directions.

Cultural Experiences of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a place of beautiful palaces and cultural heritage. Apart from enjoying the destination wedding, you could have a feel of the soothing life. From vintage cars to trailblazing cuisine to beautiful Rajasthani Poshak, everything is so tempting to feel fresh. The camel fair, the old food shops, clothes shops, the history, and the monuments could give you the essence of the people's lives in the early years.

To wrap up

We just wrapping it up and options are open for you. You could explore more places like this in Rajasthan which are the hidden gems of all the time. And let us know your thoughts on it. Stay tuned for more updates

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