Make Your Traditional Haldi Ceremony Unique with Stamp Coconut

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 10 November 2022

Most weddings feature wedding beverage counters that served carbonated, fizzy or alcoholic drinks. These drinks are harmful to your body and mind.
You and your guests need something healthy that not only provides a long-lasting refreshing feeling but also offers a quick detox.

Did you know? Around 5-6 Million Haldi wedding ceremonies take place in India every year. That is why making your Haldi celebrations unique is just as important as other ceremonies. Intricately designed stamp coconuts can give your Haldi that refreshing wedding beverage and a unique design element you always wanted!

Haldi is regarded as one of the most vibrant pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Haldi is also known as “pithi” ceremony which includes a ritual holy bath where Turmeric/Haldi, water and oil are applied to the bride and groom.
In Indian Traditions, it is believed that the turmeric mixture is a source of blessing to the couple before the wedding. Turmeric is also known for its amazing properties that leave the skin fair and glowing for the most important event of your life – Your Wedding.

Different states have different Haldi traditions which makes the pre-wedding ceremony vibrant and interesting.
But, how can intricately designed & customized peeled coconuts make your Haldi ceremony unique and elegant? Read on to find out!

You Will Find Unique Haldi Traditions in Various States

1.    Rajasthan – The Land of Kings

Rajasthan is famous for its royal palaces, spell-binding architecture and beautiful traditions. And the same royal ambience can be found in weddings and ceremonies too!
Did you know? In Rajasthan, the Haldi ceremony is also called “Pithi Dastoor”.

The playful victims, Bride & Groom, are applied with a mixture of Haldi and sandalwood to get their skin glowing for the wedding!
Whether you plan your destination wedding in Jaipur, Jodhpur or Udaipur, you will get to enjoy a royal Haldi ceremony with your family and relatives.

2.    Madhya Pradesh – The Heart of India
Due to its central location, Madhya Pradesh’s culture and traditions bear influences from not just Hindus but Jains, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians.

And when it comes to wedding ceremonies like Haldi, Madhya Pradesh sticks to its age-old traditions.

However, different regions of MP celebrate Haldi in different ways. In some areas, traditional folk & village songs are sung while Haldi is being applied to the bride.
In other areas, a grand feast would be given to the guests one day before the wedding after Haldi is applied to the groom.
Hosting your traditional wedding in Indore, Bhopal or other parts of MP? Add Stamp coconuts to make your destination wedding delightful!
3.    Gujarat – The Jewel of Western India
In Gujarat, the “pithi” ceremony is hosted separately at the bride’s and groom’s house.

Both of them are made to sit on a low stool while the married women and guests smear a mixture of turmeric, rosewater, sandalwood and other herbs on their face, hands and legs.
Revamp your “Haldi Ceremony” with Stamp Coconuts!

That’s where the delicious Stamp Coconut water comes into the picture.

These intricately designed coconuts are embossed with:

  •  Memorable pictures of the couple
  • Logos of the wedding ceremonies like Haldi, Mehendi, Barat Swagat and Ring Ceremony
  • Hashtags of the couple or the marriage ceremonies

They can be the perfect signature wedding beverage offering a ton of health benefits unlike harmful carbonated or fizzy drinks.
Make your Haldi Décor Unique and Vibrant with Carved Coconuts

The personalized coconuts are not  only perfect for your wedding beverage needs but they can also serve as a unique décor item at your Haldi ceremony.
You can talk with the wedding planners and the in-house professionals to use the stamp coconuts as unique decorative items for your Haldi ceremony.
Setup a Customized Detox Bar with Cocobar!
You can also add a beautifully designed Coconut water bar called Cocobar to your Haldi ceremony.

You can get the Cocobar customized according to your Haldi ceremony theme for a royal and personalized touch!

Your wedding guests can also get a quick detox session at the Cocobar as the tender coconut water boasts amazing health properties like low calorie count, good potassium content and amazing hydration abilities.
These are a few interesting and amazing ways through which Stamp Coconuts can make your Haldi ceremony unique and elegant!


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