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By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 29 September 2022

Throughout this blog, you have found everything you need to know about the Indian culture of Mehndi. It's more than just one "big day" in Indian culture. Prior to and after the exchange of vows, a series of events takes place. As a custom, the mehndi ceremony is held a day before the main wedding event, where pastes of mehndi paste are applied to the hands and feet of the bride and groom. The ceremony marks the beginning of a marriage, and it takes place first or second in the succession of the wedding rituals, making this eclectic ceremony a hit among the guests. The colors, decor, henna smell, flowers, and music add to the beauty of a beautiful ritual. The ritual can be celebrated on a small or large scale, depending on the budget, availability of time, and convenience of family and friends. The amount of extravaganza and ostentations is completely up to the individual. Many people hire dancers, mehndi experts, decor planners, DJs to perform music and dance, and caterers to create lavish meals.

Let’s know more about Mehndi’s party and its history is

An Indian body art form called mehndi was widely adopted in South Asia and the Middle East over the past few centuries. According to Hindu and Sikh traditions, a Mehndi party is held a day before the wedding when the bride gets the red-orange mehndi “stain” applied to her wrists, back of her hands, and feet. There are usually pillows and a lounge-like feel to the case, which is usually held on the day before the wedding.

Know its history

It will be interesting to learn about how mehndi is deeply rooted in Indian culture, as well as how it is used to make henna. In ancient times, henna was used because of its natural cooling and therapeutic properties, and it is believed that the henna ‘art of henna’ and the practice have been around for more than 5000 years. According to legend, henna imparts its cooling properties until its dye or stain remains in the body. Mehndi has been associated with beauty and cosmetics since the time of Queen Cleopatra, who is known for using mehndi to adorn herself. The pattern and stain left on the body inspired the idea of adorning the body and hands during ceremonies. Henna can also be traced back to the Bronze Age and the Vedic Ages as well. In the end, mehndi became part of every woman's solah sringaar, especially the bride's solah sringaar.

Enhance the decor of the Mehendi Function

To make the festival look traditional and royal, the decor is kept as colorful and rich as the mehndi. In addition to the burst of colors, Rajasthani-themed accessories, exquisite props, drapes, ceilings, puppets, umbrellas, clay pots, floaties (if it's a poolside affair), and other figurines, the event's style quotient is high, contributing to a joyous mehndi ceremony. In addition to the royal, splendid, and ethnic vibes, the ceremony is magical and fun-filled. If you want Rajasthani or any other theme you can opt best wedding planner in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Gujrat, or any other they help you the best with the amazing concept for your wedding. A wedding planner can go with Mr. coconut’s Cocobar services for enhancing the Mehendi ceremony and make making the ceremony function out of the box. With Mr. coconut’s stamp coconut they can give your function a tropical touch that is the newest theme ever used in the Mehendi function. Their coconut cart gives the amazing look at the food counter. This not only enhances the functional decor but also gives different look to the food catering services. Their Cocobar services help to provide guests the personalized coconut water at their seats who are not able to come up to the counter and it is also a good and healthy option for old age people. The virgin coconut water is so healthy and delicious that makes you refresh and energy with every sip of the drink. The stamp coconut water is a seriously amazing and healthy substitute for the guest who does not want to go with the flavored drink and mocktails.

End up the function with the memorable giveaway

Providing gifts and merchandise for the mehndi ceremony is a hot trend. Things like bindis, jewelry boxes, and bangles are preferred items that make the event livelier. Offbeat options include having a bangle maker prepare bangles in laac or threads and hand them over to the lovely ladies. But this time goes something different with the unique choice that is Mr. coconut’s stamp coconut water. This is an amazing giveaway for your wedding function. This is a unique and healthy option your guest will love this. Mr. coconut uses only the best tender coconuts. These coconuts are personalized with the name and hashtag beautifullycarved on the young coconut shell. The giveaways keep the spirit, pleasure, and enthusiasm of the attendees alive. And this one makes your Mehendi function memorable for life long.

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