Make Your Baby Shower Energetic with Stamp Coconut Water

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 27 December 2022

A baby shower isn't just a celebration of an upcoming birth. It is the expectancy of new life. Your baby shower is an occasion to share in the excitement! But it can be challenging to find ways to make your baby shower stand out and make it as special as possible. One great way is with food and beverages! If you plan on serving anything fruity or refreshing, try adding coconut water stall at a baby shower. Not only is it delicious, but coconut water attracts more energy than regular water. Guests who come to a party where beverage coconut water for the function is served will be more energized, excited, and happy! After all, you are going to welcome a newborn into the world! But more importantly, you want your baby shower to be lively and fun. A fun baby shower is a great way to welcome the new arrival into your life. So, it should be more than just simple. Today, you can easily find coconut water in any shop. But, these shops might or might not serve you fresh nariyal pani. You can now try getting it yourself with us. Mr. Coconut puts up a stall at a baby shower. The party drinks will no longer be just a refreshment. Beautifully peeled and stamped coconuts make your party the life of any celebration.

What does an Indian Baby Shower Function Look like?

We all know very well that Indians believe in the concept of a baby shower function. A baby shower function is a great way to celebrate an upcoming birth. The function is usually attended by the woman's immediate family and friends, keen to congratulate her. An Indian baby shower takes place in the woman's home and involves many activities like singing, dancing, exchange of gifts, namesake day announcement, and cake cutting. Mr. Coconut also plays an important role in this function. We will hand the guests a personalized drink along with the guests' names carved on the coconut shell of the drink. We only use fresh coconuts and make sure every attendee gets fresh party drinks. With us, your baby shower function will be creative and fun! We aren't just the best; we're the only ones!

A Combination of Unique Personalized Gifts and Personalized Drink

Coconut water is a healthy, thirst-quenching alternative to traditional sugary beverages for expectant moms to enjoy. Not only to-be-mom but the guests also love to munch on the tasty meal with an energy drink. Unique Personalized gifts, such as fruit baskets with the guest's name and portrait, will leave a lasting impression and generate some buzz about the baby shower. How about combining the gifts with a customized welcome drink mocktail? Mr. Coconut provides stamped coconut water for your baby shower. No matter what kind of baby shower you're planning, don't worry; we'll make it fancy. With our stamp coconuts, the party will be energetic and fun! Mr. Coconut stamps the coconuts with the couple's name, guests' names, and a personalized message that can be engraved on the coconut. Clear stamping is done only by expertly peeling off the shell of a coconut. And Mr. Coconut is an expert in the same. We would love to make the baby shower celebration of your dreams a reality. We will go to great lengths to make the party perfect for you and your guests. We won't let your guests feel thirsty. Our peeled coconut will make the party lively!

Plan Extraordinary Winter Fun Baby Shower at your next function

A traditional baby shower can be boring if the food and beverages are not the right choices. Let's make the baby shower an extraordinary experience with Mr. Coconut's fresh drink party at home! A baby shower is about songs, dance, partying, and singing. All of these will make your guests extra tired. The best way to energize your guests is with a personalized drink. The great thing about Mr. Coconut is that we can design personalized drinks for your guests. The guests can receive customized coconut water with their names stamped on it.

Cocobar – The New Coconut Water Stall at Baby Shower

Cocobar is something unique and something out of the box that you can find for your baby shower. It's Mr. Coconut's non-alcoholic drinks brand. With Mr. Coconut's drink stalls, you can enthrall your guests. What makes us unique from the rest of the bars/beverage counters is the ingredients of the drink. Mr. Coconut uses fresh coconuts, peeled and stamped. Our fresh coconut water has many advantages not found in other drinks. The advantages of coconut water include the nutritious qualities of fruit, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which can make kids and adults healthy.

Involve Mr. Coconut in a Well-themed Baby Shower

A well-themed baby shower should have unique and interesting decorations, food and drinks, music, and make-up artists. We will take care of the best drinking stall for your party. From unique props like personalized coconut water to energetic welcome drinks for winter, we take your baby shower theme seriously. So, what are you waiting for? No more waiting for an event to happen! Start planning today by inviting Mr. Coconut. We are ready to make your baby shower an outstanding event!

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