Imagine Unique Coconut Drinks for Your Wedding Reception

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 09 February 2023

The wedding reception has a charm of its own. Usually, a reception ceremony is celebrated just after the primary wedding day. This is the first-ever public semblance of the newlywed couple after their marriage. Guests who attend the grand party rejoices in the new accord. Do the sumptuous foods to treat the guests need to be more than elegant? Obviously yes! For this, Mr. Coconut comes at the forefront. Our personalized coconuts serve as a unique welcome drink.

How Do You Decide 'UNIQUE' Signature Drink For Your Reception Party?

Indian receptions are, without fail opulent and extravagant affairs. If you want to host an elaborate reception function, consider serving your guests the best. Your reception party accompanies the music, dance, and sumptuous foods to treat the guests. But how do you decide what's a unique signature drink? Mr. Coconut comes up with fresh, 100% authentic, and customized signature welcome drinks to 'wow' your guests. If you want to thank your reception guests, including friends and family, choose the right welcome drinks ideas because the first impression is the last one. Your wedding guests shall remember your reception party with the taste of the beverages you serve! It takes a long-time to get your reception party planning right. Treat every guest well, make them feel special, and provide a warm welcome. Mr. Coconut's unique signature drink can be customized. We are experts at stamping tender coconut water with guests' names on the top. It will be the only way to make them feel special, well-served, and cared for! So, if you're already dreading the thought of welcoming your reception guests and making their day a memorable experience, don't worry! Just call Mr. Coconut. You may want to taste our wedding reception drinks that we've enlisted for your guests' remarkable Welcome!

Mr. Coconut's Creative Non-Alcoholic Reception Bar/Stall Ideas

To be true, the bar is usually the most popular spot at any wedding reception. Guests are still offered signature cocktails along with seasonal beverages. But what about those who don't consume alcohol? Would it be a raw deal for these guests to be stuck with sodas and water? Well, with Mr. Coconut, this will be different. Mr. Coconut can set up a coconut water stall to accommodate non-alcoholic wedding reception drinks. You can see that with us. Your visitors can always appreciate being able to opt for a fun mocktail or another booze-free refreshment!

Best Wedding Mocktail Hour Ideas to Kick Off Your Reception Party in Style

In an Indian Reception, Wedding Mocktail Hour also known as Welcome Drinks is held right before the reception. This is the 'hour' when your friends, family, and guests catch up over drinks and snacks. Rely on Mr. Coconut for some of the best wedding reception mocktail ideas:

1. Spread high tables around the reception party area. This will help your guests sit comfortably. We will place their snacks with tasty and healthy wedding reception drinks.

2. Remember to cast up pretty signs to allocate your reception area. The signs will show your guests the way. And here, we, Mr. Coconut, will serve stamped coconut with the reception's theme or guest's names on the shell. This will be the best way to convey any sweet message to your loving visitors.

3. Add a personalized touch to your wedding reception with coconut water and mocktail napkins. A beautiful reception day is all about the details!

4. Speaking of the eatables to satisfy your guest's cravings, go for fantastic finger foods. Try including our unique coconut drinks – a brief snack that tastes both mess-free and tasty.

5. Finally, do remember to include the music! Yes, the music during the cocktail/drinking hour is as important as the wedding reception's music. Add a twist to the party's drinking hour. How? Hire Mr. Coconut to serve carved coconut. You can even consider hiring a live wedding band. A blend of the two will surely set an incredible & interactive mood!

Coconut Wedding Reception Ideas Perfect for a Tropical-Themed Celebration

It's pretty common for Indians to host a tropical-themed reception party than the traditional one. After all, it is 2023, and something marvelous is the call of the time. So, if you plan a tropical-themed celebration in Goa, Mumbai, Mussorie, or Indore, let Mr. Coconut elevate your wedding's beachy aesthetic. Choose Mr. Coconut's Coconut-flavored signature drinks for your drink menu. The drink will refresh guests and make them feel like they're on vacation!

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