Beautify Your Destination Wedding in Indore with Mr. Coconut

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 09 September 2022

Indore, a beautiful city in Madhya Pradesh is regarded as one of the most historic cities in India due to its beautiful palaces, holy temples and traditional food. However, Indore has transformed into a beautiful city bringing the best of traditions and modern elements for tourists and holidaymakers. Did you know? Indore is one of the most visited cities in Madhya Pradesh and the city derives its name from the Indreshwar Temple (built in 1741). Indore also happens to be one of the 100 cities being developed by the Govt. of India under the Mission Smart Cities. Indore also holds the top honors for being the cleanest city in India (Swachh Survekshan). This makes Indore an ideal spot to host your dream destination wedding!

Destination Wedding in Indore – Perfect for New Beginnings

Indore is famous for a variety of activities and tourist attractions like:

● Beautiful Palaces – The Rajwada Palace

● Entertainment – Water & Amusement Parks

● Nature Wonders – Patalpani Waterfalls, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary & Pipliyapala Regional Park

● Architectural Marvels – The Lal Bagh Palace

● Street food – Chappan Dukaan, Sarafa Bazaar’s Samosas & more!

● Temples – Gomatgiri, Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar Temple & Kanch Mandir Indore is also known for its amazing shopping & markets where you can get all the garments and accessories for your wedding preparations.

Top Destination Wedding Venues in Indore

Here are some of the top locations in Indore where you can have your dream destination wedding:

● Radisson Blu

● Indore Marriott

● The Red Maple Mashal

● The Grand Bhagawati Palace

● Brilliant Convention Centre

How can Mr. Coconut Refresh Your Destination Wedding?

Mr. Coconut is one of the top companies in India well-known for bringing the concept of customized coconuts and carved coconuts for weddings and ceremonies like Barat Swagat, Haldi, Mehendi & Sangeet amongst others. Mr. Coconut came up with the idea of customized coconuts when the team realized that most of the guests at weddings were served sugary/fizzy drinks or alcoholic beverages. There was no natural alternative and when Mr.Coconut’s team put in time and effort to find the perfect alternative for these harmful drinks, they came across the idea of Personalized Coconuts!

Add a Personal Touch to Weddings with Intricately Carved Coconuts

Guests love it when hosts offer a gift, food or an experience that signifies a personal touch. Mr. Coconut’s customized coconuts can offer this personalized touch in a unique way to guests and the couple. How? You can get a coconut customized by engraving it with pictures of the couple, a hashtag of the event/names of the couple or logos of the marriage ceremonies. Everyone who drinks the tender coconut water will feel this personal touch through the coconuts thus elevating the entire mood of the wedding!

Tender Coconut Water Promotes Health & Well-Being

Leading studies and research have proved that coconut water is one of the best natural beverages due to the following properties:

● Free from fat and cholesterol

● Low in calories

● Contains a good amount of potassium

● Has excellent hydrating and detoxifying properties

Ensuring Freshness & High-Quality Coconut water for Your Guests

Mr. Coconut ensures that each stamp coconut is sealed to maintain the freshness and tenderness of the coconut water. So, when the coconuts reach your or your guest's hands, that is when they will be unsealed for the first time highlighting Mr. Coconut’s commitment to providing delicious and fresh coconut water.

Cocobar – A New Definition of Wedding Beverage Counter!

Mr. Coconut also offers to set up a beautifully designed coconut water stall at weddings manned by a professional who will serve delicious coconut water to all your guests. Mr. Coconut will help you and your guests beat the heat or detox after a long day of ceremonies and leave them feeling fresh and rejuvenated!

The Perfect Product for Themed Weddings & Wedding Planners

Mr. Coconut’s stamp coconuts are an ideal product for themed weddings and the best wedding planners in India. Wedding planners searching for a good product for their clients can offer carved coconuts with pictures, logos or hashtags of couples & ceremonies. Similarly, Mr. Coconut has designed printed coconuts for marriages in such a way that they can easily fit into themed weddings like South India, Hawaiian, Punjabi or Nature-themed weddings. Mr. Coconut’s custom-made coconuts can also be used for the following purposes:

● Pool Party Beverage in Weddings

● Guest Welcome Idea in Marriages

● Room Hampers in Destination Weddings

Want to make your destination wedding in Indore luxurious, unique and memorable? Get in touch with Mr. Coconut to book your personalized coconuts and Cocobar. Mr. Coconut will take care of the rest!

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