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Refresh Your Dream Wedding in Mumbai with Personalized Coconuts

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 27 August 2022

Mumbai, the land of superstars and millionaires, is a bustling capital city known for its lush green mangroves, the lip-smacking vada pav, mesmerizing beaches and spell-binding architectural marvels. The charming location is also known for hosting some of the most luxurious weddings in India – the weddings of Mukesh Ambani’s Heirs, Movie Stars like Disha Parmar, Ankita Lokhande, and many more. Planning a wedding in Mumbai might seem like a tricky task. But, if you land the right venue then the job is half done. However, Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in the world and your guests will find the traffic and the heat of Mumbai harsh. By the time they reach the venue, they would be craving a drink or a refreshing beverage.

Sugary & Fizzy Drinks are Not Healthy for Your Wedding Guests

Whether it is Sangeet, Mehendi ceremony or the wedding itself, you will mostly find beverage counters manned by mixologists serving cocktails and carbonated or sugary drinks. But, most of you will agree with the fact that such drinks pose a risk to your health in the long term. This is why many clients and destination wedding planners are opting for natural drinks. Tender coconut water happens to be one of the top choices for clients and planners in recent times!

Mr. Coconut Brings Personalized Coconut to Weddings

Mr.Coconut is one of the top companies in the customized coconut industry providing fresh & high-quality coconuts to wedding clients across major cities in India. Serving coconut water in regular coconuts is old school. But, Mr. Coconut’s team of experts came up with the idea of carving the outer shell of the coconut with personalized designs. What’s special about this customization? As mentioned earlier, many wedding planners and clients are looking for natural beverages like coconut water. But, serving coconut water in plain coconuts won’t look unique for the clients or their guests. That’s why the idea of customizing coconuts! Mr. Coconut gives a personal touch to the coconuts by beautifully carving them with pictures of the couple, hashtags or logos of the event.

What does Mr. Coconut bring to the table?

1. Fresh and High-Quality Coconuts

Mr. Coconut seals each and every coconut with love and care while packing it. After that, they are transported carefully to the location of the wedding. This means you or your guests will be the first person who will unseal the coconut and drink fresh tender coconut water with personalized designs or logos.

2. Mr. Coconut wants to keep you healthy!

Coconut water is considered to be one of the best natural drinks on the planet due to the following reasons:

● It is low in calories

● It has high potassium content

● It has one of the best hydrating properties

● It is free from fat & cholesterol

● It also acts as an excellent detox drink

Refresh your wedding guests with the ultimate natural drink from Mr. Coconut!

3. Cocobar: A Beautifully Designed Beverage Stall in Weddings

You must’ve seen drink counters in weddings installed by décor & catering service providers Cocobar is a beautifully designed coconut water stall from Mr. Coconut where professionals will serve fresh and delicious coconut water to your guests. This is a much better alternative to bartenders or mixologists serving cocktails, mocktails or sugary drinks to your guests.

4. An Amazing Choice for Wedding Planners

Wedding planners want to impress their clients with high-quality services, guest welcome ideas in wedding or unique wedding favor ideas for guests. Mr. Coconut’s stamp coconuts are the perfect choice for wedding planners as they can easily use the highly customized coconuts for:

● Welcome Drink in Wedding

● New Wedding Décor Ideas

● Room Hampers in Destination Wedding or

● Breakfast Beverage in Wedding

5. An Ideal Choice for Themed Weddings

he carved coconuts from Mr. Coconut can easily complement themed weddings like South Indian, Punjabi or Tropical wedding themes. Top wedding decorators and caterers in the wedding industry can easily use personalized coconuts from Mr. Coconut as a unique idea for decoration or beverage serving.

Top Luxury Wedding Venues in Mumbai

Here are some top luxury wedding venues in Mumbai to materialize your destination wedding plans!

● The Jade Garden

● The Taj Mahal Palace

● JW Marriot

● Four Season Hotel

● The Oberoi

● The Leela Mumbai

Make your destination wedding in Mumbai memorable and refreshing with Mr. Coconut’s personalized coconuts. Connect with the team to book your Cocobar and offer your wedding guests one of the best natural drinks on the planet in a beautifully designed coconut!

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