Refresh your Business Conferences with Monogram Coconuts by Mr. Coconut

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 02 March 2023

The stomach is the gateway to the heart, especially when it comes to serving attendees in events like Business Conferences. When it comes to organizing big events, one of the most crucial factors is the selection of food and drinks that are both really good and make your mouth water. The same holds true for corporate events like Business Conferences. You can make the experience of the conference attendees refreshing & delightful with Monogram Coconuts by Mr. Coconut!

The food & drinks for the corporate event should be carefully put together so that it complements the atmosphere of the party. When it comes to the catering of the food or drinks for a corporate event, you have several alternatives to choose from, including a plated dinner, a spread in the style of a buffet, passing hors d'oeuvres (delicacies in a tray), or a refreshing drink like tender coconut water in elegantly crafted Monogram Coconuts. In addition to that, you can design a classy theme for the conference and add customized beverages or Coconut Water Stalls at Corporate Events. Such customized stalls give a unique look to corporate events and offer your guests a quick refresh session!

What Corporate Event Drinks Will You Find at Business Conferences?

Typically, at Business Conferences you will come across a variety of drinks such as Alcoholic Beverages like Whiskey in Personalised Whiskey Glass, Beers, Red Wine, Champagne, Cocktails, Welcome Drink Mocktails, and Sugary & Carbonated Drinks. On the other hand, some organizations prefer to promote health & well-being which is why they opt for Non Alcoholic Welcome Drinks like Juices & Tender Coconut Water in Elegantly Crafted Monogram Coconuts.

Mr. Coconut Brings Interesting Corporate Event Drink Ideas to the Table!

Mr. Coconut is one of the top brands in the country known for crafting intricately designed shaved, peeled, stamped & monogram coconuts for corporate events like business conferences & weddings. Mr. Coconut boasts a team of 20+ designers, carvers and logistics professionals that take care of all your personalized coconut needs. So, when you connect with Mr. Coconut’s team, you are greeted by some of the best people in the industry. They listen to all your event beverage needs. After this, professionals brainstorm ways to offer the best possible value to your corporate event with the help of meticulously crafted carved coconuts with classic monogram designs.

Refresh Business Conferences with #MonogramCoconuts

Tender Coconut Water is regarded as one of the best natural drinks on the planet. Why so? Coconut water offers a treasure trove of benefits:

●Low-Calorie Count – perfect for health-conscious people

●Rich in antioxidants – offers a quick detox to attendees

●Helps lower cholesterol levels

●Promotes good heart health, thanks to the presence of good cholesterols

●Hydrates skin and give you a radiant glow

●Helps in developing the immunity system

As you can see, fresh coconut water served in professionally peeled coconuts offer a ton of benefits which is why it’s the perfect drink for corporate events like business conferences, trade shows and boardroom meetings.

Personalized Coconuts are Perfect Welcome Drinks for Corporate Events

Mr. Coconut’s magnificently crafted shaved coconuts can be used as the perfect welcome drink for chief guests and attendees of your business conference. You can emboss the company logo, theme of the event or any other corporate design on the coconut to welcome your guests and attendees in style. This leaves a professional impression on the attendees and gives them a perfect detox session before the exhaustive conference starts.

Offer a Quick & Perfect Detox to Your Guests at Cocobar

Mr. Coconut also provides a highly-customized and personalized coconut water counter at events called Cocobar. The Cocobar will be manned by a professional bartender who will serve freshly unpacked personalized coconuts to all the guests and attendees. With this, your attendees can easily get a quick detox after a tiring business conference that will lift up their spirits in no time!

Give Unique Personalized Gifts to Your Chief Guests with Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut’s spectacularly crafted Monogram Coconuts make the ideal personalized gifts for your guests. The coconuts are refreshing, offer a ton of benefits and carry a memory of the event in the form of monograms, stamps or carvings. Have a business conference in the coming days? Simply get in touch with experts at Mr. Coconut and they will take care of all your Non Alcoholic Welcome Drink needs with elegantly crafted Monogram coconuts.

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