Say 'I Do' with Printed Coconuts: The Trending Wedding Favor of Summer

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 12 May 2023

Printed coconuts are trending wedding favors and gifts that can be customized to fit your theme. These coconut drinks are quite soothing when your guests are visiting a summer wedding. Getting married in the scorching summer is not easy. You might want your guests to have these refreshing summer coconut drinks from Mr. Coconut.

You might use an engraved printed coconut from Mr. Coconut to propose to your better half at your wedding, making the moment more romantic and enticing! They're a great way to add tropical flair and color to your special day while also helping guests remember the fun they had at your wedding. This can also be one of the best guest welcome ideas at a wedding!

What is a Printed Coconut?

A printed coconut is a coconut that has been decorated with designs and messages. Printed coconuts from Mr. Coconut are a unique way to make your guests feel special because they're not just receiving something practical like a bottle opener or candle--they're also getting something beautiful! If you are attending a destination wedding, these carved printed coconuts become the best destination wedding favors and gifts for your guests.

Printed coconuts from Mr. Coconut are great for any event where you want to give out favors that will be used long after the celebration ends. They're perfect for unique wedding favor ideas for guests. Still, they can also be used as party favors at birthday parties or baby showers (especially if you want to incorporate some tropical elements into your decor).

Why are Printed Coconuts Trending?

Printed coconuts are popular wedding favors and gifts because they differ from traditional favors. Instead of giving guests something to eat or take home, printed coconuts from Mr. Coconut can be used as decorations for your wedding tables. They also make great party decorations for any celebration!

Printed coconuts are easy to incorporate into your wedding theme. If you're having an island-themed event, these printed coconuts from Mr. Coconut will fit perfectly with the decorating scheme. You can also use them as table centerpieces or even hang them from trees at outdoor venues like parks or gardens where there aren't any tables for people to sit at during the reception (or even when you are enjoying the drinks for the wedding reception.

Printed Coconut Design Ideas

Printed coconuts are a great wedding favor to use for any celebration. They can be incorporated into the décor, used as table decorations, and even as party favors at your reception. You can also use personalized coconut from Mr. Coconut to fit the theme of your wedding! Here are some ideas:

  • Use printed coconuts as centerpieces by placing them in water-filled vases and floating candles. Use carved coconuts to beautify the surrounding space. 


    Mr. Coconut will print a memorable picture of your couple photo shoot which you can use on tables to flaunt your memories. The same idea can be implemented with peeled coconut from Mr. Coconut.


    Use Printed Coconut to create refreshing Drinks from Mr. Coconut!

    You can rest assured that the best wedding drinks are created by Mr. Coconut with their outstanding availability of healthy coconuts! Monogram coconut drinks are one of the best welcome drink ideas for weddings curated by Mr. Coconut experts. When you have such an auspicious event in Jaipur, don't forget to get the taste of such refreshing and tasty coconut drinks for the wedding reception.

    Where to buy authentic Printed Coconuts?

    Printed coconuts are a great wedding favor because they're practical, stylish, and affordable. They can be customized with your name, date, and location to make them extra special. Printed coconuts are also eco-friendly; they're biodegradable, so you don't have to worry about them clogging up landfills after the wedding day. Plus, they're easy on your wallet--you won't have to break the bank just so your guests will remember how much fun they had at your ceremony!

    At Mr. Coconut, our coconut printing service is perfect for presenting a personalized and distinctive gift that supports the pursuit of good health and wellness. Mr. Coconut employs cutting-edge technology within their company to effectively oversee a group of affiliated stores. Implementing an efficient and streamlined supply chain enables the company to swiftly provide top-notch services throughout the most significant urban areas like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi, prioritizing timely delivery and exceptional quality and looking to organize events such as weddings, marriage ceremonies, corporate gatherings, or special occasions like birthdays? Contact Mr. Coconut for assistance. You can reserve exquisitely designed monogrammed coconuts and a tailored coconut water station for your gatherings through Mr. Coconut's booking services, available now.





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