Baraat Swagat

Bring the Swag to Your Baraat Swagat with Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut is a visionary company in India renowned for offering pure and fresh coconut water in exceptionally crafted Monogram Coconuts and Cocobar, a Premium Beverage Stall for Baraat Swagat and Weddings across major locations in India. Mr. Coconut has a team of specialist designers & professionals that customize Monogram & Stamp Coconuts with Premium & Personalized designs like hashtags & pictures of the couple or logos & monograms of the Baraat Swagat ceremony . Refresh your baraat guests with invigorating coconut water served in exotically crafted Personalized Coconuts.

Mr. Coconut Refreshed the Barat Swagat of Asha & Rajesh

Asha is getting ready to marry the love of her life - Rajesh, and she was so excited for the big day.
One of the most important parts of the wedding was the Baraat, which is the groom's wedding procession. Asha wanted to make sure that her side of the family gave the groom and his family a warm and welcoming reception.
Asha’s family planned to serve some delicious drinks that are natural since the Baraat will be tired after a long procession. So, while discussing with her friends, she came to know about Mr. Coconut – a unique brand that provides personalized coconuts featuring pictures & hashtags of the couple or logos of the event.
Asha’s family loved the concept and got in touch with Mr. Coconut Official on Instagram. Asha shared all the design details for coconuts for the grand Baraat Swagat.
As the groom's family arrived, Asha and her family greeted them with open arms and big smiles. They decorated the entrance with flowers and colorful streamers, and they had a band playing lively music to set the festive tone.
Asha’s family started serving delicious coconut water in beautifully customized coconuts which featured the hashtag #AshRaj. The groom’s family loved the concept and everyone got instantly detoxed and refreshed – thanks to the amazing health properties of coconut water!
As the wedding ceremony began, Asha couldn't help but feel grateful for her family's warm reception. And she was grateful for Mr. Coconut as they provided the best natural drink for all the Baraat guests!

Make a Baraat Style Statement with Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut is an innovative company in India offering refreshing coconut water in masterfully crafted peeled coconuts for pre-wedding ceremonies like Baraat Swagat, Haldi, Mehendi and Weddings. The professional company also provides a Top-of-the-Line coconut water counter for Baraat Swagat ceremony & marriages that are completely personalized according to your event theme and decorations.
Mr. Coconut is a quality-focused company that boasts a team of professional designers and carvers coupled with high-tech technology equipment. This enables Mr. Coconut to carve, imprint, emboss, or stamp the coconuts with trendy design elements like:

• Pictures of the couple on Shaved Coconuts
• Logos of the wedding ceremony (Baraat Swagat) or the Marriage
• Professional Monogram designs for the ceremony or the wedding
• Couple hashtags on Carved Coconuts

Mr. Coconut’s team of customer-centric experts get in touch with clients like wedding planners or the bride’s family to know their event details. Then they proceed to know more about the wedding theme, decorations in place and other design elements. After this, the experts brainstorm ideas or take design requirements from the clients.
Mr. Coconut’s team of experts ensure that you get A+ Grade Coconut water from naturally sourced farms. The team checks the quality of all the coconuts after procuring them to ensure that your Baraat Swagat guests can enjoy sweet and fresh coconut water.
On the other hand, the designs are carefully processed by experts for final embossing on the coconut. According to the needs of the client, the designs are printed, stamped, embossed or carved on the elegantly shaved coconuts. The coconuts undergo thorough quality checks to ensure that your guests enjoy a royal feeling while sipping authentic & tender coconut water from exotically crafted Monogram coconuts.
Mr. Coconut leverages an in-house technology platform to seamlessly connect with a network of partner stores. This enables us to run a lean and fast supply chain – right from manufacturers and straight to clients (B2B & B2C). Planning a destination wedding in Mussoorie? A traditional wedding in Delhi? Or an intimate wedding in Jodhpur? Mr. Coconut now serves around 15+ cities and will expand its network to cover more cities in the next few months.
With future plans set in place, Mr. Coconut is ready to serve in major Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities in the days to come. Mr. Coconut will also network with a variety of coconut farmers who don’t get their fair price for coconuts. Mr. Coconut will connect with all such farmers in the coming days to procure coconuts at a genuine price that is beneficial to farmers and Mr. Coconut.
Want beautifully crafted carved coconuts for wedding ceremonies like Baraat Swagat, Haldi, Mehendi or Reception. Simply get in touch with Mr. Coconut to refresh your wedding and marriage ceremonies like never before!