Mr. Coconut is gearing up for Eventsthan 8th 2022!

Posted by : admin / On : Oct 11, 2022

Founder and Chief Executive officer of Mr. Coconut, Mr. Shivam Agarwal will attend the Eventsthan 8th – the Annual FOREM Convention. This convention organized by FOREM (Federation of Rajasthan Event Manager) at the quaint the Leela Palace, Jaipur on 11th – 12th October 2022. Eventsthan by FOREM is the most substantial Convention of the Indian event industry. This event featuring a plethora of ideas and visions, this exquisite platform brings together the most noteworthy entrepreneurs and businessmen from the wedding and event industry. As this event is industry-leading, how can Mr. Coconut take advantage of this opportunity to meet policy-makers and thought-leaders? What will attendees find at IMMAGINE 2022? Check it out!

What is the Federation of Rajasthan Event Manager (FOREM)?

FOREM is incorporated in 2014 and it is an association was set by and for the event managers to uneven distribution of power, strength, skills, and experience in Rajasthan's event industry must be strengthened in a united way. This is the first organization of its kind that brings together the best and fastest-growing event companies in Rajasthan under one roof working in an environment of collaboration and development.

What is Eventsthan?

In 2015, FoREM (Federation of Rajasthan Event Managers) launched an annual convention called Eventsthan. It is the eighth convention of the association. It has delivered seven editions of Eventsthan with success and has always been raising the bar. Eventsthan-2022 will be its eighth convention.

What happen in Eventsthan 8th?

To be part of this grand convention on the Leela palace, many eminent personalities from the event and wedding industries are invited there. Mahavir Prasad Sharma chairman and co-founder of RAIN (Rajasthan Angel Innovator Network) and President of FOREM he will enlighten the event with his presence. Shivanni Sen, the vice president of TCEI is the inspirational guest of the event. Mr. Chandrashekhar Joshi, the general manager of The Leela Palace will be the guest and speaker will mark their presence by delivering the motivational speech. Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor, the founder, mentor and the former president of KEEMA, Mr. Pramod Lunawat, the founder of IIWC, Mr. Pritesh Sharma, the Founder of Mapsor Experiential weddings and Mr. Sagar Pingoli, EVP of EEMA will be present at the event as a guest and speaker to discuss about the new trends and business research for marketing, discuss the new event strategy/plannings and tell about new event courses. Also discuss about the industry faces challenges when working with vendors and associates. The event management industry is no different. FOREM organizes meetings and conferences of its associates, channel partners, suppliers & vendors, and other parties involved, to resolve the issues peacefully & systematically. Members & associates attend regular meetings, workshops & trainings to keep up their enthusiasm to work upon various issues related to the current need.

Mr. coconut is very excited to participated in Eventsthan 2022

It is a fast-growing industry in India. Mr. Coconut's CEO, Shivam Agarwal, and his team of experts have discovered a new way of enjoying coconut water with a personalized coconut. The shaved coconuts of Mr. Coconut offer an interesting alternative to serving coconut water the traditional way. The company believes that providing healthy and natural products without preservatives or chemicals will leave a lasting impression on your guests that they will cherish forever. Mr. Coconut serves only the best quality tender coconut water that is freshly peeled coconut in front of your eyes. To enhance your coconut water drinking experience, Mr. Coconut also started new beverage concept that offers flavored coconut water! The company provides stamp coconuts according to the client’s specifications. Whether you want a photo of the bride and groom, hotel impressions, wedding initials, event logo, or any other design, they can do it beautifully on the shell of the young coconut. With the coconut water stall, the event acquires a different look, making it stand out from the crowd as well as enhance the aura of the event. Mr. coconut is very excited to be a part of the Eventsthan 8th 2022 event. Many world-leading innovators and experts will attend this event to share their ideas that will help the coconut company gain recognition worldwide and provide new business opportunities for the company. Do you look forward to being a part of Eventsthan 8th 2022? Then, Registered today!

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