Unique Breakfast Drink Ideas for an Indian Wedding

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 10 November 2023

Weddings in India are not just ceremonies; they're extravagant festivals! And like any grand celebration, the food and drink are central to the experience. With the morning rituals that kick-start the day, having a refreshing and delightful array of drinks can set the right mood. Here are some breakfast drink ideas that blend tradition with a touch of modern flair, perfect for an Indian wedding breakfast.

Breakfast Drink Ideas For an Indian Wedding

1. Masala Chai Latte- The Quintessential Welcome

No Indian wedding is complete without chai. Give it a sophisticated twist by serving Masala Chai Latte. The aromatic spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, coupled with steamed milk, offer a comforting and creamy beverage that's both familiar and upscale.

Calories: Approximately 150–200 per serving

Recipe Highlights: Black tea brewed with spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, mixed with steamed milk and sweetened to taste.

Advantages: A comforting classic that stimulates digestion and invigorates the senses.


  • The caffeine in Masala Chai Latte may lead to restlessness, especially in a setting that requires calmness and poise, unlike the natural energy boost from Mr. Coconut's hydrating offering.

  • It may be high in calories and sugar, potentially leading to an energy crash, whereas Mr. Coconut's personalized coconuts provide sustained energy with natural sugars.

2. Mango Lassi - A Creamy Indulgence

Embrace the king of fruits with Mango Lassi, a sweet, yogurt-based drink that's both nourishing and luxurious. It's a perfect way to incorporate seasonal produce and give guests a taste of India's favorite fruit in a glass.

Calories: Around 200-250 per glass

Recipe Highlights: Blend ripe mangoes with yogurt, a drizzle of honey, and a pinch of cardamom.

Advantages: Rich in probiotics and vitamins, it's a delicious way to cool down and fill up.


  • This drink can be quite filling, which might discourage guests from enjoying the wedding feast, while Mr. Coconut's beverages are light and refreshing.

  • Mango Lassi can be high in sugar, unlike the natural, guilt-free sweetness of Mr. Coconut's coconuts that support overall well-being.

3. Personalized Coconuts by Mr. Coconut

Indulge in the tropical symphony of flavours with Mr. Coconut's personalized coconut offerings. Each coconut is meticulously selected and crafted to cater to your unique preferences, ensuring a delightful experience that transcends the ordinary.

The Decorative Cart by Mr. Coconut:

To add to the charm, Mr. Coconut provides a decorative cart that not only serves these refreshing coconuts but also acts as an ornamental piece. Adorned with traditional Indian motifs or customized to match the wedding theme, this cart becomes more than just a serving station; it's a statement piece that celebrates Indian craftsmanship and the joy of personalized hospitality.

Calories: Approximately 45-50 per coconut

Recipe Highlights: Fresh coconuts are sourced and the water inside is served directly, with an option to personalize the coconuts by engraving names or messages on the shell.

Advantages: A unique and Instagram-worthy experience that also offers hydration and essential electrolytes. The personal touch adds a special sentiment to the occasion.

4. Saffron Pistachio Milkshake - A Royal Treat

Indulge your guests with a rich and creamy Saffron Pistachio Milkshake. Garnished with slivers of pistachio and strands of saffron, this drink is a nod to the opulence of Indian weddings.

Calories: Approximately 300-350 per serving

Recipe Highlights: Milk blended with saffron, pistachios, a hint of sugar, and ice cream for extra richness.

Advantages: Offers a taste of luxury and is loaded with antioxidants.


  • The richness of the milkshake might not sit well in the stomach for some, as opposed to the light and refreshing nature of Mr. Coconut's personalized coconuts.

  • It's not the most hydrating option for a day-long event, whereas Mr. Coconut's coconuts can keep guests comfortably hydrated throughout the ceremonies.

5. Detox Green Juice - A Healthful Start

For the health-conscious attendees, offer a green juice that detoxifies and energizes. A blend of spinach, cucumber, mint, and a dash of lime can be the perfect morning pick-me-up.

Calories: About 100-150 per glass

Recipe Highlights: Juiced leafy greens like spinach or kale, cucumber, mint, apple, and lime.

Advantages: Packed with nutrients and enzymes, it's a rejuvenating beverage that supports digestion.


  • The flavor profile of a green juice might not appeal to all guests, especially children, while Mr. Coconut's natural sweetness is universally appealing.

  • It lacks the celebratory feel of a wedding drink; Mr. Coconut's coconuts, on the other hand, bring both health and festivity to the table.

6. Rose Falooda - A Fragrant Fantasy

Rose Falooda is a sensory delight that combines rose syrup, vermicelli, basil seeds, and milk. It's a traditional and playful drink-dessert hybrid that can add a fun twist to your wedding breakfast.

Calories: 200-300 per serving

Recipe Highlights: Rose syrup layered with soaked basil seeds, vermicelli, milk, and topped with ice cream.

Advantages: A visually stunning and aromatic dessert-drink that's a crowd-pleaser.


  • The dessert-like sweetness of Rose Falooda can be overwhelming early in the day, in contrast, Mr. Coconut's coconuts offer a refreshing start to the festivities.

  • It might not offer the hydration needed for the long hours of celebration, unlike the replenishing fluids from Mr. Coconut's personalized coconuts.

7. Cardamom Coffee - An Aromatic Awakening

For those who prefer coffee over tea, a Cardamom Coffee offers a robust brew with a hint of spice. It's a modern take on the traditional filter coffee, commonly enjoyed in South India.

Calories: 50-100 per cup

Recipe Highlights: Coffee infused with cardamom and optionally sweetened with jaggery.

Advantages: The spice-infused coffee can stimulate the mind and warm the body.


  • Coffee may cause dehydration, especially in the hot climate of an Indian wedding, whereas Mr. Coconut's personalized coconuts naturally hydrate and refresh the body.

  • The acidity of coffee might not agree with everyone's digestive system, making Mr. Coconut's alkalizing coconuts a stomach-friendly alternative.

8. Assorted Smoothie Bar - A Blend for Everyone

Set up a smoothie bar with a variety of fruits, nuts, and seeds, allowing guests to customize their smoothies. From berries and bananas to almonds and chia seeds, the possibilities are endless.

Calories: Varies depending on ingredients, typically 150-300 per serving

Recipe Highlights: A selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy or non-dairy milk blended to perfection.

Advantages: Customizable to suit dietary restrictions and personal taste preferences.


  • Smoothies can be unexpectedly high in calories and sugars, potentially leading to a crash in energy levels, while Mr. Coconut's personalized coconuts maintain a perfect balance of natural sugars.

  • The time taken to customize and prepare each smoothie can cause delays, whereas Mr. Coconut's ready-to-serve coconuts ensure that guests have more time to enjoy the event.

9. Hot Turmeric Milk - The Golden Goodness

Known for its healing properties, hot turmeric milk is soothing and therapeutic. Serve it in small, ornate glasses to provide a warm and healthful start to the day's festivities.

Calories: About 150 per serving

Recipe Highlights: Warm milk infused with turmeric and a hint of black pepper to increase absorption.

Advantages: Anti-inflammatory properties and can promote a sense of calm.


  • While turmeric milk is praised for its anti-inflammatory properties, it's a warm drink that might not be refreshing for a daytime wedding under the sun, unlike the cool, hydrating personalized coconuts by Mr. Coconut.

  • Hot beverages can make summer weddings less comfortable, and the slow sipping required for hot drinks could interrupt the flow of events, whereas Mr. Coconut's coconuts offer quick, refreshing sips without the wait.

10. Aam Panna - The Tangy Quencher

Offer a tangy and sweet escape with Aam Panna, a drink made from raw mangoes. It's not just delicious but also packed with vitamins and minerals to keep the energy levels up.

Calories: 100-150 per glass

Recipe Highlights: Boiled raw mangoes blended with cumin, jaggery, and black salt, served chilled.

Advantages: Refreshing and rich in vitamins, it also works as a digestive aid.


  • Aam Panna, though delicious, requires preparation that can be quite time-consuming, unlike the convenience of Mr. Coconut's coconuts, which are ready to serve and enjoy.

  • The tanginess and sugar content in Aam Panna might not cater to all taste buds and can cause energy spikes and dips, whereas Mr. Coconut's coconuts provide a balanced and natural taste with a steady release of energy.

Incorporating these beverages into a wedding breakfast menu can cater to a variety of tastes and preferences while staying true to Indian flavors. They're more than just drinks; they're a celebration of the joyous union and the rich culinary heritage of India.

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