Mr. Coconut is the Top Exhibitor at The Gourmet Fest 2023, Gurugram

By: Shivam Agarwal, CEO & CO-FOUNDER MR COCONUT | 06 September 2023

The Gourmet Fest 2023 hosted at A Dot by GNH in Gurugram saw Mr. Coconut emerge as one of the top exhibitors. This prestigious fest brought together the best of India's catering industry, and Mr. Coconut made its mark with its innovative coconut-based products.

In particular, Mr. Coconut wowed the crowds with its personalized and customized coconuts, as well as a highly customizable coconut water stall called Cococart.

Mr. Coconut at Gourmet Fest 2023 at A Dot, Gurugram

The Gourmet Fest 2023 brought together over 2000 HNI clients and wedding planners to A Dot by GNH in Gurugram. This event connects India's top caterers and hospitality experts.

The fest featured 50+ leading food brands across cuisines. It also incorporated seminars on industry trends and techniques.

As India's premier gourmet industry showcase, The Gourmet Fest provided the perfect platform for Mr. Coconut to display innovative Monogram coconut concepts & beautifully customized coconut water stall to elite clients.

Some of the leading personalities, industry professionals and speakers that attended The Gourmet Fest 2023 are:

  • Saurabh Bharadwaj – Minister, Health, Urban Development & Water
  • Sanjeev Kapoor – Famous Chef & Guest of Honor
  • Jaideep Anand – VP & GM, The Leela Ambience Gurugram
  • Joe Baath – Director, Joe’s F & E
  • Mandeep Singh – CPM Events
  • Sandeep Jain – Eleven Course Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rituraj Khanna – Q Events
  • Rajeev Jain – Rashi Entertainment
  • Sabbas Joseph – Wizcraft International Entertainment
  • Amit Jidani – Founder, Director – Devam Experience Luxury
  • Hemant Oberoi – CEO & Founder, OB Hospitality
  • Parthip Thyagarajan – Wedding Sutra, Founder

Why Mr. Coconut is a Top Exhibitor at Gourmet Fest 2023?

Mr. Coconut emerged as a top exhibitor at The Gourmet Fest 2023 for several key reasons:

  • Mr. Coconut CEO Shivam Agarwal showcased new ways to customize and personalize coconuts beyond the ordinary through engraving, shaping, stamping, etc.
  • Provided a memorable new wedding favor with our engraved, thematic coconuts.
  • Wowed attendees with Cococart's visually stunning customizable coconut water stall.
  • Demonstrated the potential in elevating the coconut as a gourmet product.
  • Exemplified how to create an immersive brand experience for guests.
  • Expanded perceptions of coconuts as more than just ordinary fruits.
  • Created Instagrammable moments with its aesthetically designed products.
  • Aligned perfectly with India's growing luxury wedding market.

Overall, Mr. Coconut's innovative & masterfully shaved coconut concept and experiences made it a breakout exhibitor. Our creativity and customization capabilities set us apart in the gourmet industry!

Mr. Coconut – Transforming Weddings & Events with Custom Coconuts

Mr. Coconut is the best customized coconut water brand that offers bespoke coconut products and experiences. Founded by CEO Shivam Agarwal, Mr. Coconut aims to showcase the versatility and potential of the humble coconut.

Beyond tender coconut water, Mr. Coconut elevates the coconut into a premium gourmet product through customization. Our services allow clients to enjoy top-quality coconuts featuring engraved, embossed, monogrammed, shaved designs of wedding celebrations, birthday parties or corporate events!

Mr. Coconut Provides a Wide Range of Custom Coconuts!

Mr. Coconut has several innovative coconut customization techniques that set them apart:

1). Monogram Coconuts

These coconuts can be engraved with initials, names, dates, logos, or symbols. Monogramming makes for personalized wedding favors or corporate gifts.

2). Stamp Coconuts

Mr. Coconut can stamp designs, patterns, and text on coconut shells using food-safe inks. Great for branding or adding artistic flair.

3). Carved Coconuts

Get intricate designs carved on whole coconuts for your D-Day or Corporate events. It’s an eye-catching way to display family emblems or company logos!

4). Peeled Coconuts

Peeled coconuts have the hairy exterior removed to reveal the smooth, polished shell. These coconuts are elegant for upscale events!

These novel products show how Mr. Coconut is taking coconut customization to new heights.

#Engrave Coconuts for Weddings & Marriage Celebrations

Mr. Coconut offers the perfect unique wedding favor with our customized coconuts. Coconuts engraved with the bride and groom's names or monogram make memorable keepsakes!

They can also enhance Indian wedding events like haldi, mehendi, and baraat with thematic coconuts. Motifs meaningful to the couple carved on coconuts add a special festive touch.

With trending destination weddings, Mr. Coconut provides a way to integrate local coconut themes through shaving, stamping, or engraving.

Overall, customized coconuts allow couples to express their personalities and tell their love story. Mr. Coconut's bespoke coconuts takes wedding favors beyond typical sweets & ordinary wedding favors!

Cococart - A Customizable Coconut Water Stall for Weddings & Events

In addition to customized coconuts, Mr. Coconut offers event organizers Cococart. This innovative pop-up stall dispenses fresh coconut water and products in a visually appealing way.

Our highly customizable Cocobar delivers an immersive coconut experience. The entire look and feel of the stall can be customized - from the design to the coconuts. Cococart can match event themes like boho chic, classic tropical, oasis desert, etc.

With add-ons like customized straw, attractive designs , and easy-to-open pull tabs, Cococart goes beyond basic coconut water. The dynamic stall draws in guests and is ideal for large events like weddings. And as the Cocoart is manned by a professional bartender, your guests get a luxury and healthy drink served in seconds!


Mr. Coconut emerged as a top exhibitor at The Gourmet Fest 2023 by captivating guests with our novel personalized coconuts and immersive Cococart stall. Our engraving, carving, and branding techniques showcase coconuts in a luxe, bespoke manner. Caterers, event planners, and couples looking for memorable wedding favors now have a unique coconut concept for celebrations. So, what are you waiting for? Mr. Coconut has the ultimate product for your celebrations. Call us now!

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