Bollywood Singer Honey Singh is welcomed by Mr. Coconut at Buena Vista Resort Jaipur

Posted by : Mrcoconut / On : Nov 23, 2022

Honey Singh’s Spectacular Rise to Fame

Pop music as we know it, in its golden age in the '90s with the likes of Alisha Chinai, Euphoria and countless more outstanding artists and ensembles, dwindled down in popularity by the middle of the 2000s. When Yo Yo Honey Singh (at the age of 20) debuted with 'Khadke Galasi' with Ashok Mastie, the Bollywood bigwigs had already absorbed the entire Indie ecosystem, and only Hindi cinema songs were played on the radio. 

Despite this huge popularity of the Bollywood songs, Singh's "Khadke Galasi" became a viral sensation and a smashing chart topper!

Singh was ecstatic about his success; the catchphrase "Yo Yo Honey Singh" gave his hook lines an extra oomph, and his extravagant, stylish, and flashy music videos went viral. 

After him, many Punjabi rappers tried to replicate his success, but none of them were able to capture the attention of Indian music fans the way he did. His song "High Heels," a collaboration with Jazz Dami, was a huge hit at the time, and his tune "Brown Rang" was a hit with hip, urban youth.

Mr. Coconut Welcomes Honey Singh at Buena Vista Resort, Jaipur

The famed hip-hop singer was in Jaipur to perform at a Live concert and was staying at the Buena Vista Resort, Jaipur.
Mr. Coconut’s CEO was present when Honey Singh arrived at the Buena Vista Resort, Jaipur. He welcomed the popular singer with a beautifully customized shaved coconut that was carved with the singer’s name and his picture.
Honey Singh was pretty happy with the welcome gesture and had an amazing time drinking the tender coconut water. It instantly refreshed him after a long journey and he quickly got to his preparations for the event!

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