Haldi Ceremony

Celebrate a Vibrant Haldi Ceremony with Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut is the leading company in India providing tender coconut water in beautifully personalized coconuts and Cocobar, a highly-customized coconut water counter for Haldi ceremony & Weddings. We customize stamp & monogram coconuts with trendy design elements like pictures & hashtags of the couple and logos or monograms of the Haldi ceremony. Treat your Haldi ceremony guests to a quick detox with fresh coconut water in professionally crafted Peeled coconuts from Mr. Coconut.

Mr. Coconut Made Divya & Sachin’s Haldi Ceremony Delightful!

Divya and Sachin are getting Engaged, Divya belongs to a royal family so she decided her Haldi function should be unique. She told her dad about her dream. Then, she invited friends for marriage, after reading the invitation her friends asked," oh my god you are celebrating Haldi in a palace. It's amazing, what did you decide for the event? Any innovative ideas?"

Divya told, "not only Haldi all events are going to be held in this palace, my idea is different the event must be in a healthy way, especially in food and drink, we have arranged all events related to nature but I am not satisfied”

At that moment one of her friends suggested, " In Instagram I am following one of the pages of Mr. Coconut Official. They serve the best Beverage counter for functions and healthy coconut water With Customised design Over coconut shell also they launched a Coco Bar Cart. For Your function I am damn sure it will make your event unique, why can't you pick that?".

Divya replied, “Really”? I think it’s a good idea. don’t forget to participate in the function after saying that she left. On travelling, she searched for Mr. Coconut. She just got shocked because unbelievable unique concept which is related to nature and healthy, she suddenly called her friend and thanked her. She contacted Mr. Coconut and Enquire to celebrate Haldi Function with His “WEDDING LOGO & HASHTAG” carved over a coconut shell.

Finally, her parents decided to serve this Customised Coconut water Concept in Divya Haldi Ceremony Which makes his function more royal and all guests enjoyed healthy coconut water with customised coconut by MR.COCONUT.

Add a Touch of Magic to Your Haldi Ceremony with Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut is popularly known for providing fresh coconut water in elegantly personalized shaved coconuts for Weddings and Marriage ceremonies like Barat Swagat, Mehendi and Haldi.

Mr. Coconut holds expertise in crafting customized Stamp coconuts with a variety of design elements on the coconut like:

1. Monogram designs of the wedding or the ceremony
2. Logos of the wedding ceremonies or the marriage
3. Pictures of the bride and groom on Carved Coconuts
4. Trendy hashtags of the couple on Peeled Coconuts

We have a team of professional designers who connect with the clients and understand their Haldi ceremony requirements. Clients usually share a wide range of coconut design requirements with our professionals which are then skilfully created into design templates for the coconut.

These design elements are then beautifully embossed, printed or carved on the coconut according to your Haldi ceremony requirements. You can easily use these personalized coconuts in your Haldi tradition as:
1. Pre Wedding Favor for Guests
2. Welcome Drink Mocktail
3. Good Signature Drinks for Indian Wedding Ceremonies
4. Healthy Non Alcoholic Welcome Drinks
5. Luxury Hampers
6. Unique Gift Baskets and more!

Mr. Coconut also offers a beautifully customized beverage stall in wedding ceremonies called Cocobar. Our designers can also personalize the coconut counter according to your wedding theme and design needs.

The Cocobar is manned by a professional bartender who will serve freshly unsealed coconuts. Let your guests enjoy a quick detox at your Haldi ceremony with Cocobar!

Get in touch with our experts today to refresh your Haldi ceremony with intricately crafted coconuts and a unique coconut counter for events!