Carniwal Wedding

MR COCONUTS is a unique and innovative company that specializes in personalized coconuts. These coconuts are more than just a delicious tropical treat; they can be customized to feature the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and even a special message. They are a perfect addition to a carnival-themed wedding, adding a touch of personalization and charm.

The Coconut Experience

Imagine your guests sipping cool coconut water from coconuts that bear your names and wedding date. It's not only a refreshing drink but also a memorable keepsake for your guests to take home. MR COCONUTS offers a range of customization options, from elegant calligraphy to vibrant designs that match your carnival theme.

A Unique Wedding Favor

Instead of traditional wedding favors, surprise your guests with personalized coconuts from MR COCONUTS. Not only will they enjoy a delicious and healthy drink during the celebration, but they will also have a keepsake to remind them of your special day.

A carnival-themed wedding is a delightful way to infuse fun and excitement into your special day. With vibrant decor, nostalgic games, and carnival-inspired food, your wedding will be an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. And with MR COCONUTS personalized coconuts, you can add a unique and memorable touch to your celebration that your guests will cherish. So, why wait? Start planning your carnival-themed wedding with MR COCONUTS and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Welcome Drinks: Serve personalized embossed coconut water as a refreshing welcome drink for guests upon their arrival.

Escort Cards: Attach mini personalized coconuts to escort cards with guest names and table assignments.

Toast of Love: Have guests raise their personalized coconut water for a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds.

Guest Favors: Offer personalized coconut water bottles as wedding favors with the couple's names and wedding date.

Customized Labels: Create labels with personalized messages on the coconut water bottles, such as "Cheers to Love" or "Sip & Celebrate."

Themed Cocktails: Craft signature cocktails using personalized coconut water as a base ingredient.

Coconut Water Bar: Set up a coconut water bar with various flavors and garnishes for guests to create their own custom drinks.

Ceremony Refreshments: Distribute personalized coconut water to guests during the outdoor ceremony to keep them hydrated.

Beach Wedding: If your carnival-themed wedding is on the beach, offer personalized coconut water as a refreshing beachfront beverage.

VIP Treatment: Offer personalized coconut water with customized logo or hashtag to VIP guests as they arrive, adding a special touch to their experience.

Guest Instructions: Use Customized coconut to display wedding instructions or fun facts about the couple.

Late-Night Refreshment: Offer personalized coconut water as a late-night refreshment for guests to enjoy on the dance floor.

Couples' Toast: Create a special moment where the bride and groom share a sip of personalized coconut water to symbolize their union.