Birthday Ceremony

Have a Perfect Birthday Bash with Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut is a dynamic company in India well-known for providing authentic tender coconut water in intricately designed personalized coconuts and Cocobar, a skillfully customized coconut water stall for birthdays. Our team of professionals customize beautiful printed & monogram coconuts with eye-catchy designs like hashtags, pictures, logos or monograms of the person celebrating their birthday. Mr. Coconut gives a tropical feeling to your birthdays with its fresh coconut water served in highly-customized coconuts.

Mr. Coconut Made Rahul’s Birthday Unique!

Neeta and Shantanu started planning to celebrate their son Rahul’s birthday in a unique way, which will give him happiness because due to some health issues Rahul was at home for 3 months with no interaction with friends and school. Neeta suggested to Shantanu that she have a friend who told her there is a brand Mr. Coconut and their Unique Catering Stall serve Coco Bar, fresh coconut water and they will Emboss Pictures or Quotes Over Coconut shell , which impressed Shantanu.
Then Shantanu decided to contact Mr. Coconut and explained his needs. They required healthy coconut water with our son’s picture with Happy Birthday Emboss over coconut shell.
Finally, when Rahul's Birthday arrived Neeta and Shantanu told Rahul that they took him to beach resort where they arranged a birthday party when he enter inside resort Rahul stunned seeing his friends and teachers, then his parents showed him Coco Bar there he saw coconut shell was printed with his memorable photo along with friends. He Smiled and told his parents this birthday is the best birthday he ever had. Then they gifted each customized coconut to his friends after the birthday party. Then parents took Rahul towards the beach and made his birthday more colorful and memorable.

Get Creative on Birthdays with Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut is a customer-centric company offering authentic tender coconut water in precision-crafted Monogram coconuts for events like Birthdays. The quality-driven company also provides a skillfully customized beverage stall for birthdays called Cocobar where guests can enjoy a quick detox session with fresh coconut water. The Cocobar can be easily customized according to the theme of the birthday or the design elements of the event.

Mr. Coconut leverages a customer-focused approach that enables us to deliver exceptional quality products to all of our clients. Our team of professionals, designers & experts leverage in-house technology platforms coupled with a network of partner stores to run a lean supply chain. This results in quick procurement and delivery – from manufacturers to customers!
Mr. Coconut’s team of experts can seamlessly stamp, imprint, carve or emboss coconuts with attractive designs like:
a). Pictures of the birthday person on Carved Coconuts
b). Logos of the birthday event on Peeled Coconuts
c). Classy Monogram Designs on Shaved Coconuts
d). Hashtags of the Birthday on Stamp Coconuts

Mr. Coconut boasts a team of highly professional designers & technology experts who connect with clients from all over India. They discuss the event details and design elements that the client wants on the customized coconuts. They also try to get more information about the theme of the birthday or any specific requests that the client may have. After this, the experts brainstorm and suggest unique ideas to the client followed by design finalization.

The designs are then beautifully embossed, carved, imprinted or stamped on the coconuts. Mr. Coconut also ensures strict quality checks on all the coconuts procured to ensure that your guests enjoy sweet and tender coconut water with every sip!
Mr. Coconut networks with partner stores and in future will directly connect with Coconut farmers to procure fresh coconuts. Since coconut farmers tend to get lower prices in the markets, Mr. Coconut will procure the coconuts from the farmers at a genuine & fair price thereby ensuring benefits for both the parties.

Did you know? Mr. Coconut also serves a variety of wedding clients including wedding planners, retail customers and famous hotels. Planning a destination wedding in Jaipur? Traditional wedding in Agra? Or an intimate wedding in Delhi? Mr. Coconut serves all types of weddings and offers a variety of designs on the coconut coupled with a beautifully customized coconut water stall for weddings called Cocobar. This not only elevates the entire ambience of the wedding but helps you add a personal touch to some of the most important events in your life!

So, whether it’s birthdays, corporate events, weddings or marriage ceremonies, Mr. Coconut has the perfect product for all types of events. We serve both B2B and B2C clients which makes us the ideal company for all your event beverage needs!
You can easily use Mr. Coconut’s top-of-the-line products to your birthday guests in the form of:
a). Gift Baskets
b). Unique Personalized Gifts
c). Engraved Gifts
d). Non Alcoholic Welcome Drinks
e). Birthday Favors and more
So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Mr. Coconut the best Welcome Drinks for Birthday Party . Customize the healthy drink for events according to your birthday and enjoy a refreshing day with loved ones!